To construct and develop Orphanage, Hostel, Schools and Colleges for poor Girls and Boys with first preference to girls.
To train and educate inmates of Orphanage, Hostel, School according to Islamic tenets.
To conduct Personality Development & Career Education courses.
To run Orphanage, Hostel and High School and Primary School.
To give Home Science Education.
To organize, sponsor, promote, establish, conduct, encourage and Undertake construction of training centers for the purpose of promotion of religious and worldly knowledge and experience to the inmates.
To carry on any other activities this may seem to be capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with any of the objects of the Trust.
To establish or take over and maintain and to start and conduct libraries, laboratories, workshops and research centers for the upliftment of in mates of the orphanage and school.
To solicit obtain or accept subscriptions, donations, grants, gifts,
Devices, bequests and trusts from any person, trust, firm, corporation or institution for orphan girl